Friday, 29 July 2011

Manual for a Mechanised Man

The intent of these posts is to write a number of journal entries to a hypothetical descendant born with the same unknown neuromuscular condition as I have.

Each entry will have its own particular theme and will be written as mini-chapters of a cyber-journal. Mini-chapters will be grouped together with others of similar, or related, themes. These groupings of mini-chapters will be called Books. Each Manual for a Mechanised Man entry will be clearly labelled and numbered.

The hypothetical descendant is assumed to be male not only to allow for alliteration in the title, but because the overwhelming majority of people with similar conditions are male. Also, I believe the subjective experience of being wheelchair-bound has a gender specific component to it.

Although I have called it a 'manual', it is more correctly a collection of ideas; a memoir of sorts. It is not an instructional guide, I am not that presumptuous nor do I have many 'answers'. I am just trying to tell my story in the hope that - family or not - someone, somewhere, sometime finds a portion of what I have to say useful. 

I anticipate that these entries will be time-consuming and likely somewhat emotionally draining. I do not expect that it will be possible to write more than one per week.

At this stage I have no idea of how many of these entries I will write but I do plan on interspersing these posts with other more general posts on my blog to change the pace and add some variety.

Finally, I am laying myself bare in these entries. I have chosen to reveal much of my inner-self. I respect whoever reads this material enough to truthfully describe, without editorially sanitising, my life and my thoughts. I trust that should you come to quick judgement about me, you will refrain from condemning me too readily. I haven't set out to convert or influence anyone to my world-view, indeed I am the first to admit that I have made many mistakes. I am simply trying to understand myself and my world a little better and if doing so in this way can help another on a similar path, I consider that I will have done something worthwhile. 

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