Monday, 18 July 2011

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I'm loving the new tv adverts running for Shine Lawyers fronted by none other than cruisader-turned-minor celebrity Erin Brockovich (playing herself, this time. I assume Julia Roberts was either too busy, too expensive or both).

The steely gaze-to-camera work is a nice touch, Erin, although I have a couple of questions:

1.    Who straightens your hair? (Mine is rather unruly at present and could use the deft hands of a skilled haircare professional); and
2.    In what capacity do you 'work with' Shine Lawyers?

I'm a bit confused.

I though Erin B's story was noteworthy because she took on the big-boys and beat them at their own game, whilst all the while having no formal legal qualifications herself? Has she now gained some law quals? (legitimate ones, not honorary) Yay for later-in-life-learning if that's the case!

But if so, doesn't that take some of the shine (sorry, couldn't resist!) off her marketability as an 'underdog' or 'average Jo(sephine)'? If indeed she has picked up a few certificates in the US, that doesn't automatically entitle her to practice law in Queensland. There are some things I still remember from all that book learnin' I did ya know! 

I suspect - call me psychic - that she's been far too busy post-biopic to enrol in any mature-age study. And, who could blame her; she didn't need any back in the 90's so why mess with success now, right?

So what on earth is she doing at Shine Lawyers? In her own words she states [they are] 'a firm who shares my passion for taking on tough cases… I work with them and I trust them.'

It's a fair question, given that the tv spot really plays up the point that she's on the team. Has she relocated to Queensland, or does she tele-commute?

If I became a client, could I phone her up for some advice? (Non legal, of course, I wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble with the Law Society!) Could I ask her how I could get my hair arrow-straight, or have my own biopic made? (I'm pushing hard for Dave Grohl to play me, but I'd settle for Adrien Brody).

I'm just curious, as all. I'm surprised to see somebody spruiking a law firm - a firm they work with - who isn't a qualified legal practitioner.

What's next? If someone tells me the man in the captain's uniform on the Flight Centre ads is not a fully qualified airline pilot, then I might just never trust anyone ever again!

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