Sunday, 8 January 2012

Letters from Zamhareer - 08-01-12

I've given it a lot of thought and I've decided to begin my novel - the one I've been wanting to write since highschool. I need a challenge - and this will be it.

To pull this off, I need to work on my discipline. I must write every day - if only for short time. Some days will see me produce nothing but dreck; but that's ok because regular writing is habit forming. If the habit's there, the quality should improve. Practice may not be perfect, but it should lead to better writing. That's why I'll continue to keep this blog going concurrently.

The only remaining loose end is the short story I've started. I've, so far, written two out of the four or five chapters I had intended to write. I'm stuck, and I just don't feel as connected to the story as I was when I began work on it and the worlds gushed freely on to the page.

I'll leave it on the back burner. I do intend to finish it, so I'll leave it in abeyance until my inspiration to completeit manifests. I hate leaving things unfinished, but the zest for the idea has evaporated. In a few weeks I'll allot some time to finish it; almost as if it was a uni assignment. There's not as much art in a forced finished, but a forced finish must surely be preferable to an incomplete tale?

One hopes.

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