I Am

It is a difficult task, I think, for a person to introduce themselves, to reveal who they are in a brief and concise manner whilst also adequately describing their character, background, present circumstances and hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. I would think that my reaction of awkwardness whenever someone new asks, “So, tell me about yourself…”, is a fairly common one as my brain franticly spins its gears desperately searching for anything remotely resembling a coherent answer. Something. Anything! Nope, these days I usually just shrug and look to the ground and mutter something about being born in 1975, hoping the inquisitor loses interest as I trail off.

I tend to think that making an introduction is often a more difficult task than it seems, but this only becomes evident right in the moment when you find yourself on the spot trying to make small-talk with someone you’ve only just met. I’m in a similar situation here. I’ve love to give an accurate, informative yet succinct and entertaining description of myself but that would require that I be an eloquent, introspective yet expansive raconteur. Sorry to disappoint you but I ain’t no Henry Rollins

Instead, what follows is a series of entries where I attempt some amateur self-description. These fragments of self are organised into small ‘mini chapters’ with each chapter titled with a specific biblical reference correlating to its theme. I am using these references solely for literary effect, just to try and do something a little different and imaginative.  

Finally, you may notice that I do not refer to my real name in any of the postings I have already made, nor will I mention it in anything I upload in the future. The reason for this is not so much a desire to protect my identity or retain a sense of anonymity because the overwhelming majority of people who may visit this blog are going to be people that I have personally referred. There will be others that I don't personally know, sure, that may stumble upon this URL and that's okay, I don't have anything to hide. It doesn't bother me whether people think my writing is good, bad or indifferent and if somebody thinks they can do a better job at this than I am able to do, then I would strongly encourage them to set up their own shingle somewhere in cyberspace and blog to their hearts content! I'm pretty sure that there's still some free space available on the Internets (as I’ve heard some oldies refer to it).

The reason for writing under the pseudonym The Forest of Burning Dreams is to give my compositions a sense of abstraction, to allow me to write with greater – I hope – clarity and detachment than I could otherwise do if I wrote under my true name. I will discuss my purpose for blogging elsewhere on this site, suffice it to say that it is my intention to inject these musings with a significant degree of candour and frankness.

The Forest of Burning Dreams to me is an idea, a concept. It’s a guise I use to show a side of myself that I may not necessarily reveal offline. Also, I intend for my writing to take on a quasi-biographical/memoir feel at times (and commentary at other times). I acknowledge that the distinction I am making between my pseudonym and my real self is so thin as to be almost non-existent, nevertheless I consider that if it allows me to compose my postings coming from a freer mindset, even if this is somewhat illusionary, it is worth doing.